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Author Lindsey Pogue Science fiction fantasy audiobooks paperbacks ebooks post-apocalyptic romance
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Historical + Dystopian Fantasy | Romantic Retellings

City of Ruin ebook, audiobook, paperback, gothic romance, historical fantasy, fairytale
Sea of Storms ebook, audiobook, paperback, fairytale, norse mythology, historical, viking pirates
Land of Fury eBook.jpg

Historical + Dystopian Fantasy | Romantic

Dust and Shadow, western, historical fantasy, adventure romance, lindsey pogue
Earth and Ember, forgotten lands historical fantasy, adventure romance, lindsey pogue, enemies lover
Tide and Tempest ebook audiobook paperback, historical fantasy, pirate viking, adventure, romance
Borne of Sand and Scorn Cover

Co-Authored | Dystopian Fantasy | Romance

2022-0694 Lindsey Pogue Lindsey Sparks.jpg
The Raven Queen FINAL ebook.jpg



Author Lindsey Pogue bestselling science fiction and fantasy
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