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Before survivors lost their minds or began experiencing inexplicable superhuman abilities in The Darkest Winter, Alex and Sophie were just trying to survive their senior year of high school. He was a foster kid from the wrong side of the tracks, and she was the quiet girl from class with lonely, blue eyes. Little did they realize they were fated in the most impossible way imaginable.


The Longest Night is the prequel to the gripping, post-apocalyptic adventure series, the Savage North Chronicles, that follows a group of orphaned misfits trying to survive the wildlands of the last frontier. 


Prepare to feel the cold in your bones as you’re transported to the small, arctic town of Whitely in this soul-stirring tale about two strangers who face the horrors of a virus-ravaged world, and the hope they find in one another along the way. 


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If you like X-Men and The Walking Dead, then you’ll love Lindsey Pogue’s superpowered survival series, fraught with Crazies, compelling characters, and bursting with raw emotions that give you