Since Author Lindsey Fairleigh (LF) and I (Lindsey Pogue) love writing and reading books, we've decided to take it a step farther - interview authors about what inspires their greatest stories, discuss our TBR lists, answer reader questions, and doing it all with a cocktail or mocktail in hand!

This is a biweekly podcast by Authors for Readers!
Each episode, my co-host and I will feature a different book. We chat about popular BookTok books, as well as story adaptations to film and TV. If you'd like to see which books we're reading and comment with your feedback for us to chat about, check out the No Shelf Control Facebook group As far as genre, the sky is the limit. We want this podcast to be fun for all readers, not only the genres we write in.

There's quirk and sass (and probably too much cursing, but hell, I'm only human), so check us out!

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Your Hosts

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Lindsey Pogue

Adventure & Romance Author

Lindsey Fairleigh

Science Fiction & Fantasy Author