Surviving The Ending Handbook: Crazies

Zoe's Ultimate Field Guide to Crazies - First Edition

Note: I began cataloging this on my journey to meet up with Dani in Colorado.

Survivors Beware! You may have been lucky enough to live through the H1N1/13 pandemic, but that doesn't mean you're safe. Ever. You can always run and hide in hopes of surviving, but it's better to know your predator and how to defend yourself.

Our world is one of death, spontaneous genetic mutations, chemical imbalance, and infection, all resulting in some seriously disturbed individuals. What happens post-apocalypse is a crapshoot. Worst of all, you don't know what you're up against until it's running after you with crazed eyes and a pitchfork or screaming like a suicidal banshee.

Crazies: [kray-zeez] proper-noun/plural - Individuals who survived DNA damage caused by the H1N1/13 virus resulting in an adverse reaction of psychological instability.

Crazy: [kray-zee] root word/adjective/proper-noun - mentally deranged, demented, insane

Classification: Clueless Wanderer

Species: Homo Sapien Region: Global

Origin: Infected by virus; Survived

Symptoms: Appears unconcerned with the world outside their head; Frequently disregards need for shoes/clothes; Possibly experiences tactile numbness

Dwelling: Anywhere and everywhere Weakness: Is easily defeated through most means of defense due to their incoherence and lack of strength as a result of malnutrition.

Classification: Grunt

Species: Homo Sapien Region: Global

Origin: Infected by virus; Survived

Symptoms: Mindless aggression; Compulsive breaking and entering; Seeks out violence

Dwelling: Abandoned houses and buildings in towns and cities; prefer locations with larger populations of survivors (potential victims); Frequently under the leadership of a Megalomaniac (who provides a steady stream of people to hurt)

Weakness: Noise -Loud, high-pitched sounds confuse them making it difficult to focus or follow orders

Classification: Manipulator

Species: Homo Sapien Region: Global

Origin: Infected by virus; Survived

Symptoms: Easily agitated; Conceals aggressive intentions and behaviors; Uses victim's psychological vulnerabilities to determine effective tactics; Willing to use sufficient level of ruthlessness and cause harm to the victim; Generally covert and sneaky. Dwelling : Groups of survivors (more targets to choose from) Weakness: Entitlement -They're greedy and moody leading to irrationality and unexpected outbursts that expose them for who they really are, often times giving them away and turning their followers against them.

Classification: Megalomaniac [meg-uh-loh-mey-nee-ak]

Species: Homo Sapien Region: Global

Origin: Infected by virus; Survived

Symptoms: Delusions of grandeur; Desire to rule the world; Finds excessive pleasure in dominating/hurting others

Dwelling: Fortified facilities surrounded by their sycophants (usually Grunts) and prisoners (people with abilities) Weakness: Hubris -Their pride and arrogance affords them little to no patience when interacting with intelligent individuals. Intellectuals are threatening and unnerving so they often times reveal too much information resulting in their demise.

Classification: Paraphillias [par-uh-fil-ee-uhz]

Species: Homo Sapien

Region: Globally

Origin: Infected by virus, Survived

Symptoms: Recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies; Sexual urges or behaviors generally involving the suffering or humiliation of one's partner (generally non-consenting persons) Dwelling: Abandoned buildings, submissive population a plus, tend to stay together Weakness: Lust -Easy to lure using the object of their affection

Classification: Reclusive Kleptomaniac

Species: Homo Sapien Region: Global

Origin: Infected by virus; Survived

Symptoms: Only goes out in full dark; Collects a specific item or type of item compulsively (i.e., shiny things) Dwelling: Dark, cave-like spaces Weakness: Light -Bright light burns their eyes and confuse them presenting moments of temporary weakness

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