Six Sentence Fiction: Frondescence

Six Sentence Fiction - Frondescence


  1. leafage; foliage.

  2. the process or period of putting forth leaves, as a tree, plant, or the like.

At first, they came in on the breeze, the foreign scents of damp earth and honey-kissed blossoms. In a blink, a verdant, frondescent forest stretched out before me, humming with life. Then, I could hear it, rushing water somewhere close but just out of sight, and I swallowed in desperate relief. A hawk cry echoed off in the distance, and the air stilled, stirring me awake. I was still sitting at her grave, and the barren wilderness was as cracked and yawning as it had always been. I swallowed again, my mouth dry and my heart yearning for life beyond the Dead Lands.