Saratoga Falls goes to Kindle Unlimited

If you're a KU subscriber, you'll be happy to know that the Saratoga Falls crew is now part of Kindle Unlimited!

The Box Set and Memory Book

Whatever It Takes

Nothing But Trouble

Told You So

You can find all three Saratoga Falls installments on Amazon, as well as the box set with an additional read - the Saratoga Falls Memory Book. The memory book is filled with stories told by your favorite characters about their lives and stories of their friendship, including the day they met. It's an exclusive box set addition.

What is Kindle Unlimited?

If you are a KU subscriber, you can now read the entire Ending Series for FREE. If you are NOT enrolled in KU, Kindle readers can still purchase the series on Amazon.

It also means that the Saratoga Falls series is in contract with Amazon and therefore the series is not currently available through other retailers.

Can other device readers still purchase Saratoga Falls books? Yes but it's going to take an extra step. I love and appreciate my readers and want to ensure Nook and iBook readers are able to continue reading the series. So, I've come up with a way to make that possible, though it's going to take an extra step.

Here's how.

If you purchase an ebook copy of a Saratoga Falls book(s) on Amazon, send me a screenshot of your purchase or your order confirmation as proof of purchase and I will email you the format you need to read on your device. You can email me HERE with proof of purchase or with any questions.

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