A bright light never forgotten

I've said before how much I appreciate my readers. But I've never felt it so keenly as this morning, when I popped onto Facebook for my daily perusal, and saw that one of the brightest spots in my writer life is gone.

Being an author is a lonely job. Most times, we write alone and brainstorm alone, and we jump over hurdles and silently celebrate alone because only we really understand and appreciate the sleepless nights and long hours--the sacrifices--that go into making our dreams a reality.

That's why readers are golden. They can be the flickering lights and happiness in the chaos.

For me, readers are invaluable because they make writing worth it. They are likeminded people who remind me that I don't just write for myself, I do it because I have a community of supportive people who want me to. They validate every tear and panic attack that goes into this kind of work. And THAT is why I love chatting with them and hosting big giveaway events and chat groups. It's why I try to think outside the box and be bigger and better.

It's fun.

It's soul food.

It's rejuvenating.

And today we lost one of those bright spots, one that's been supportive of me personally and my career since I started publishing in 2013--me and MANY other indie authors.

Pheebz, I will miss our heartfelt chats, your quirk, and your passion for life (despite your love of the dead :) ). Thank you for reminding me how special we all are, and that there are people like you out there, willing to give virtual hugs, share stories with, and make people laugh. You will be missed, but never forgotten.