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Changes for 2023

As everything becomes easier and yet more complicated in the author world, I've learned that Ross Geller was on to something when he screeched, "Pivot!" This seems to be a weekly occurrence for my small little business, and as I pivot, it will affect some readers in 2023.

As an author in this day and age, I rely heavily on third party platforms to find, reach, and stay connected to my readers. Traditionally or independently published, this is true for all authors. We all have social media, newsletters, rely on outside retailers, etc. Everyone takes a piece of the pie, and when it comes to Amazon and Facebook specifically, there are algorithms, hackers, piracy, ever-changing Terms of Service and “discretional” decisions to contend with that leave many authors frustrated and at their mercy.

The following is not to dissuade you from anything, only to illuminate my reasons behind my actions, and the changes to my business (because that’s what this is at the end of the day) moving forward. I’m sharing this with you because what I do undoubtedly affects my readers.

Moving away from Facebook.

This year, I’ve had countless issues with Facebook, including loss of access to my own Pages and Group. Sometimes I even get marked as spam and I can’t chat with my readers. But beyond the annoying glitches and algorithms determining whether my posts are worth my readers seeing, it’s Facebook's lack of accountability and indifference that tipped me over the edge.

Facebook hackers not only stole The Ending Series page that has been gathering readers for over ten years, they hijacked Facebook’s advertising dashboard, stole all of my business credit card information and racked up $$$$ running Facebook Ads. And after all of this, Facebook did nothing. They ignored my support tickets and blew off three phone meetings I had scheduled with them to get these issues resolved. Needless to say, as a business owner, I no longer trust Facebook or respect them. On top of that, my connection to my readers could be gone in the blink of an eye.

This means I will not be encouraging readers to join my Reader Group, or to follow me on my Facebook Author Page. While these "quirks" might be the nature of the beast, it certainly isn’t good business sense or healthy for my sanity to lose touch with the readers that keep me sane and remind me why I do any of this at all.

I AM NOT ABANDONING MY FACEBOOK READER GROUP OR AUTHOR PAGE. I will still chat with readers when I can (and when FB will allow me, since they are so temperamental). I will still post updates when I have them and a meme from time to time, but it is not my preferred platform anymore, and I will be far more active on Discord, Patreon, and through my newsletter.

My bookshop.

There are a handful of reasons why l want to rely less on Amazon—their algorithms, “discretional” decision making, and poor paperback quality, to name a few. Taking my books “wide” last year and distributing through Apple, Google, Barnes & Noble, etc. was the start of that. You can read more about why I am selling direct to my readers now here. I will continue to focus more on my bookshop this year, offering up book goodies and swag you can’t purchase anywhere else, discounted and early release pre-orders, paperback and audiobook sales, and more. If you haven’t visited my bookshop, check it out! All digital files are available for download during purchase AND sent to you via BookFunnel.


I have two novels slotted for this year that will be written and published as usual. I also have a handful of other projects on my list, which will be written exclusively for Patreon supporters, to start. Why? Because it’s more gratifying for me to write and share my work, rather than having to sit on it for 6 months. And because I want to interact with my readers on a platform where I have the control – not an algorithm or billion-dollar company who has far too many rules and stipulations for MY work. I want to be able to surprise readers and send them goodies because I have their contact information. I want more control over my business.

I know Patreon is not for everyone, so do not fear! I plan to publish most of what I write for Patreon eventually.

So, long story short – with all of the amazing ways we can reach our readers these days, the internet is also a scary place. Authors like me are the FACE of their business. It is our name and our words and hard work that we entrust to others. We have to look out for ourselves, especially when so much of what we build relies on third parties, and can be taken from us in the blink of an eye. I’ve already felt the sting of it, but I’d like to avoid the devastating blow.

So, there you have it. You can email me with questions any time!

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