DUST AND SHADOW Revised Cover Reveal!




Why change covers?

I LOOOOVE my butterfly cover and it's not disappearing, just going on temporary retirement. Because I write post-apoc and adventure, I wanted to try a new cover that reflects the gritty feel and adult themes of this books, as well the forgotten world I've created. So, here you have it!

The designers are working on Earth and Ember and Tide and Tempest, as well as a box set cover, and I CANNOT WAIT to share them with you too.


Incase you haven't read Dust and Shadow yet, here's the gist...


Sandstorms. Scandal. Secrets.

It’s been two centuries since the boom of the Industrial Revolution sent the Victorian world into a devastating climatic shift. Now, chivalry is dead and the frills and frivolities of the romantic era are no more than a fading memory.

In Sagebrush Canyon, thirst rules, ignorance is power, and nothing is as it seems.

Jo has kept to the safety of her family’s farm, desperate to forget the horrific day that took her mother and left Jo battered and broken. But the marshal of Sagebrush is everywhere--he controls everything--and for years Jo has had to stomach the false pleasantries and knowing glint in the eyes of the man who killed her mother.

When Jo discovers how deep the marshal’s seedy dealings run, she decides that fear will no longer keep her silent. But just when Jo plans to expose him for what he really is, the marshal plays a card of his own—his notoriously scandalous son, Clayton. As Jo and Clayton are thrust together, lines become blurred, truths are revealed, and Jo must decide what she is willing to sacrifice in exchange for retribution.

Dust and Shadow is a post-apocalyptic love story and Victorian adventure set in a devastated and forgotten world of the American wild west.

Forgotten Lands is an alternative history series, exploring the aftermath of the Industrial Revolution that changed nineteenth-century life and created a world fraught with floods, droughts, and sandstorms. The Forgotten Lands will traverse deserts, roam plains, cross oceans, and take you on a journey underground to discover life after the Shift.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "Truly AMAZING... submerged within a fascinating world!"

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "I want everyone to read this book!" - Carol Goodreads Addict Reviews

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "Romance, adventure, sci-fi, mystery...great twists and turns throughout!" - Amazon Reviewer

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ " Lindsey Pogue never fails to deliver." - Amazon Reviewer

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "The writing itself was stunning - the narrative flowed effortlessly." - Author Unpublished Book Review

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "The Dystopian genre is not one I would choose to read but I became a fan of the way Lindsey Pogue writes."




Book 2 - Earth and Ember comes out July 1 (or earlier) and you'll be seeing the new cover for that one soon.


Thirst. Lies. Revenge.

The desert town of Sagebrush Canyon is a cesspit of corruption, shrouded in centuries of lies and deceit. But with the marshal now dead, the citizens of Sagebrush must pick up the pieces and seek the truth, which they soon realize is far more terrifying. The water is drying up, drifters are coming, and time is running out.

After his father’s murder, Luke swore to protect Sagebrush against the savages roaming the Dead Lands. And back on a mountain, pummeled by sleet and snow, Kaia has been safely tucked away from the merciless soshos ravaging the desert valley below. But when the last of her family goes missing, Kaia can no longer sit by. Her people are hungry, frightened, and she is fed up—the ruthless white devils be damned.

Sandstorms and the spirits of old have a way of changing things, though, and Luke and Kaia’s entire world will collide in a whirlwind of distrust, grief, passion, and fear. Their pasts and hatred for one another fuel them, but their hope of survival is what binds them together.

Earth and Ember is a standalone post-apocalyptic, enemies-to-lovers love story and Victorian adventure set in the devastated and forgotten world of the American wild west.