Happy Release Day!

The Longest Night is out today! It's the second installment (the first novella) in the Ending World's Savage North Chronicles adventures. While we got to know Sophie and Alex in book one, The Darkest Winter, it's in The Longest Night that we learn more about their pasts, and how they met. Why go back in time, you ask? Well, Midnight Sun, slotted to release this winter, is very Sophie and Alex focused, and I wanted readers to see get to know them a bit better.

Sophie is the mayor's daughter, prim and perfect, or so her mother would like to think. Alex is the new bad boy in town who might just be the only friend Sophie has left. Barely even acquaintances, Sophie and Alex must live through the longest, most horrifying few days of their lives, and then some. But it's what happens in between that has readers gushing. I can't wait to share it with you!

"Holy apocalypse! Once again, Lindsey Pogue has taken young adult reading and twisted it into a riveting fight for survival with characters that jump off the pages!"

- Tome Tender, Book blog

"This book makes me greedy for more." - Jennifer, Goodreads Reviewer

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In the meantime, happy reading adventures!

xox, Linds

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