Savage North Novella Duet

Updated: Oct 20, 2020


**Now you can add a copy of the novellas to you paperback collection**

Since you cannot currently purchase individual paperback copies of The Longest Night and Fading Shadows, I've created this special edition paperback. I originally created it for myself to gift to reader during my monthly giveaways and whatnot, but since I have it, I figured I'd might as well make it available to anyone else who might want a copy. So, it's now available for purchase, if you'd like to add it to your bookshelves and paperback collection of Savage North Chronicles.

The Duet includes both The Longest Night and Fading Shadows in one collection.

The Longest Night, Book 0

Alaska can be a bleak and dangerous place, especially in the dead of winter. But when hair-raising whispers about an outbreak reach the small harbor town of Whitely, the townspeople face a new, unfathomable fear—the virus is coming for them. Alex doesn’t realize he and Sophie, the quiet girl from class with lonely, blue eyes, are fated in the most impossible way imaginable.

Fading Shadows, Book 2.5

Ross and Kat have butted heads since the day they first met—he’s gruff, grumpy, and always glaring at her; and she’s sarcastic, sassy, and exasperates the hell out of him. But a lot can change in three years. Crazed survivors and Ability-hungry madmen aren’t the only repercussions of the Virus, and when a new, unforeseen danger threatens the townspeople, Kat must embrace her unharnessed Ability she’s been trying for years to avoid, and just as Ross realizes his feelings for his smart-mouthed partner, it might be too late.

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