World After - First chapters!

Well, you've been waiting for years and finally, the time is approaching - World After is in the proofreader's hands and will be ready for your greedy little eyes on September 4th!

What can you expect this time? A coming-of-age story about two people who couldn't possibly be more different, and the secrets they uncover in their quest for the truth. This is the Ending World like you've never seen it before - a little fantasy, a dash of dystopia, and a sprinkling of romance.


Here are the first three chapters of Del and Fin's adventure in World After

(un-proofed, so please be kind).

World After First chapters
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The cover, in case you missed the big reveal!

A princess with a secret. An outlaw on a mission. A kingdom on the brink of collapse...

The Ending Series was just the beginning. Three centuries later, this is their legacy.

Princess Delphinia knows her mother, the queen of the Corvo kingdom, is up to no good. Del can feel it in her bones, and she's determined to uncover the truth. When her search for answers leads her to a mysterious chest filled with artifacts from the distant past--from the world before--she realizes her mother's nefarious actions are more deeply rooted than she ever could have imagined.

Finlay Cartwright's people have been hunted since the world collapsed after The Ending. An outcast in hiding, he's trained all his life for the day the Corvo kingdom would come for them. The queen, however, has other plans. When the man who raised Fin is taken, Fin will stop at nothing to save his people. But the lines between friend and foe are blurred when a castle servant girl on a mission of her own offers to help Fin with his rescue.

World After is the prequel to a riveting new series in the world of The Ending, The Ending Legacy. If you like unique dystopian worlds, coming-of-age transformations, star-crossed romances, and a hint of Fantasy in your Sci Fi, then you'll love this page-turning adventure.

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