nothing but trouble

BOOK two


Holidays, Saratoga Falls, Winter, Snow covered



First Loves, Family, Recovery, Forgiveness, 

Mental Health, Parenting, Independence, Taking risks

Story Notes:

-Daddy's girl meets mysterious new hire

-She's the bosses daughter and off limits

-He's trying to start over, refused to have another heartbreak

-Plenty of holiday festivities, but the past comes back to haunt 

them both

My life/experiences:

- Similar circumstances to how Dennis and I met

- Use my knowledge of mechanic garages

- D's car/technician knowledge

- My favorite: soft x-mas lights and the scent of balsam

- Family at Christmas and moving forward, despite differences

- The questioning/risky draw you have to someone - head vs. heart


Jessica Lowndes (photo courtesy: @jessicalowndes)

Scott Eastwood  (photo courtesy: Pinterest)

Character: Machaela "Mac" Carmichael

Occupation: Office Manager, Cal's Auto Shop

Age: 23

-Middle child; took care of Bobby

-Mother ran out on her when she was nine

-Daddy's girl

-Two brothers, David and Bobby (hockey player)

-Girly girl who curses like a sailor

-Best friends - Nick, Reilly, and Sam

Character: Colton Hughes

Occupation: Mechanic

Age: 25

-Arm tattoos covering scars

-Single Dad

-Daughter, Casey "Casey baby"

-Born and raised in San Francisco

-Comes from money, lives the simple life

-Is attracted to Mac but she's the bosses daughter

-Tries to keep his distance from Mac

-Only child

"Sunshine. It’s warm, and it enlivens my skin as the sun begins to rise over the mountain peaks surrounding our sleepy little town. It’s going to be a beautiful December morning, despite the cold. I close my eyes and tilt my face toward it for three quick steps before I refocus on the road outstretched in front of me."

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book Dedication

For Dennis...

You are my book boyfriend muse and the Poo to my Pee.

It's because of our story that I could even write this book.

Your love truly is a gift, and I never could have followed my dreams without you.

This one is for you.

the vie


my Photos

Some of the infamous crew a our wedding in New Zealand,

a dream come true and the most humbling and magical day of my life.

Visiting a Hobbit hole 

one of our many adventures

The hubs

Not sure where this gem came from but it seems about right, 

 screwing around at work


Me & Him

Snow days

Crater Lake, Oregon Road Trip

my favorite  scent

the crew

Holiday Cheer

And, they lived...


book three