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BOOK three


Spring, Saratoga Falls, the beach, the Ranch, Lick's bar


Family Dysfunction, Self-discovery, A Leap of Faith, Patience, Don't judge a book by its cover, Love,

Friendship, Sacrifice, Truth & Trust

Story Notes:

- Project to work on together, forces them to partner

- Things aren't always what they seem

- Everyone has a story, what's in the gray area?

- Friendship, tried and true

- Nick's always been the backbone; he has his own issues

-Returning full circle to where it all started - the ranch; the crew

My life/experiences:

- Character inspiration - Nick and Anna Marie (cousins in reality)

"Put me in your story. You can kill me off as long as I'm always drinking bubbles."

- My struggles with dyslexia

- Growing up with horses/riding

- Their school project  and my office remodel


Teresa Palmer (photo courtesy: Pinterest)

Jay Ryan  (photo courtesy: Pinterest)

Character: Bethany Fairchild

Occupation: Tanning Salon Attendent, Student

Age: 23

-Twelve years older than her brother

-Struggles in school w learning disability

-Has an autistic younger brother

-Bad relationship with her parents

-Jesse is the most important thing in her life

-Design and Psychology major

-Best friend is Anna Marie, aka "Bubbles Girl"


Character: Nick Turner

Occupation: Bartender, Grad Student

Age: 25

-Funny guy, easy going, solid and consistent

-Liked Bethany since Middle School

-Works at Lick's, Sam's Ranch

-Going to school for architecture and design

-Family issues budding to the surface

-Savannah, a past flame and current friend

-Loves pickles

-High School baseball star

No more waiting. No more games and back and forth. I kiss her. In this moment, she’s my life’s blood. She’s the heat coursing through my veins, the adrenaline that makes my body hum and my heart pound like I’ll explode without the taste of her again. I want her in every way, and all it takes is her lips parting against mine and a whimper before I lose myself.

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book Dedication

For Nick. Thank you for inspiring such a beloved character.

And for Ginny and the gang. This book wouldn’t have happened without our summer adventures and shenanigans.


Anna Marie, you’ll always be my bubbles girl.

the vie


my Photos

More photos of the infamous crew. Me, Ryan, Sheena, Nick, and Ginny. Happy Birthday, G!



Nick and me, with a Sheena photobomb, 

The horses where I run everyday

More of the crew on the lake

My bubbles girl, Anna Marie