Fictional small town, similar to the Ranch & lake at grandma & grandpa'sNorthern California,

Russian River in the summertime


First Loves, Second Chances, Loss/Death, Coping,

Forgiveness, Mental Health, Family




the crew

Story Notes:

- The crew - Nick, Mac, Sam, and Reilly

- Coming of age; love lost and found

- Lick's bar - the crew's hangout, me and Nick's dream bar


- Revised version of the story,"Reilly," I wrote in high school 


My life/experiences:

- Based on the ranch, where I spent my childhood summers

- Utilize my horseback riding/cowgirl background

- The loss of Grandpa

- Saratoga crew adventures based on camping and canoeing

with my friends

Anna Marie

(we'll come back to her later, too)

That's Nick 

(we'll come back to him later)


Nicola Peltz (photo courtesy: Pinterest)

Stephen Amell (photo courtesy: Pinterest)

Character: Samantha "Sam" Miller

Occupation: Runs a horse boarding facility

Age: 23

-Lost her father; lives with her stepmother, Alison (also Nick's Aunt)

-Running her father's ranch

-Dated Reilly; her first love

-Hardworking tomboy

-Best friends with Mac since elementary school; bonded over losing their mothers at a young age

Character: Josh Reilly aka "Reilly"

Occupation: Army Corporal

Age: 25

-All-American boy-next-door, high school baseball star

-No mother, abusive/alcoholic father

-Returns home to sell his father's house

-Dated Sam in high school; she broke up with him while he was overseas

-Drives "The Rumbler"

-Best friend is Nick

-Still loves Sam

-Inserted himself in Sam and Mike's relationship and she's held it against him ever since

"The breeze, already warming, hits my face and whips through my hair, and I start to feel lighter. Shasta’s girth expands against my thighs as I grip onto her with each galloping step. It’s here and now, while I’m suspended between flight and life-sucking asphyxiation, that I want to last forever, an existence where everything’s behind me, and all I have are the possibilities of the unknown ahead.​ "

character Boards


book Dedication

For my mom, who always told me I'd do something big and special when I grew up.

And for my grandparents who provided me such a special place to spend the summers. Grandpa, you always asked me what I was writing. Well, here it is. I wish you were still around to read it. I think about you every day.

the vie


my Photos

My grandparent's place in Northern California

A special place & childhood revere 

My mom thought I'd be a National Geographic journalist - she got an author who writes about adventures instead 

Mom & me

the view

Grandma & Grandpa

Warm, dusty competition day. 

First place in Key Hole, Obstacles, and Team Penning

(c. Middle School)


Grandpa's Girl

My grandparent's 50th Wedding Anniversary; a very emotional day; He died shortly after

more awkward photos

I've always been dorky (I have no clue what's going on here). My first trip to Marine World /Africa USA


book three