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Lindsey Pogue, science fiction fantasy author

I'm Lindsey - dyslexic author, humanitarian, world-traveller, and cowgirl at heart. I love history, tacos, and a nice cold gin lemonade on a warm summer night. Sunsets feed my soul, rain calms my spirit, and the heroes of everyday inspire my stories. 


I completed my first new adult manuscript in high school and I've been writing tales of love and friendship, history and adventure ever since. When I'm not chatting with readers, plotting my next storyline, or dreaming up new, brooding characters, you can find me wrapped in blankets, watching my favorite action flicks with my own leading man.

My husband and I live in Northern California with our rescue cats, Beast and little girl Blue.

p.s. You can check out my favorite Historical Fiction & Fantasy book recs that give you all the feels here.

Feather 4

xoxo, Linds


Lindsey Pogue, bestselling science fiction fantasy author
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