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“Gripping, gutting, and beautifully gothic.” - Lindsey Sparks, bestselling author of the Echo Trilogy

The Collector is coming to claim what he’s owed.

Centuries ago, the skies turned black, and for 300 years, Londoners survived in the dank, underground tunnels of the city. Until one day, a stranger from a faraway land offered to save them. Though it wasn’t without cost . . . and he has come to collect.

When Selene is taken to Master Blackburn’s infamous estate, she fears she and the orphans she’s sworn to protect will meet a gruesome end, like so many others before them. But the beastly landowner is not all there is to fear, and Selene soon learns nothing in Briarwood is as it seems.

Travel beyond the City of Ruin, through the secret passageways and haunted woods, to a land shrouded in secrets in this atmospheric retelling of Jane Eyre and Beauty and the Beast.

This is the first book in the richly imagined Ruined Lands, a Forgotten Lands sister series and collection of historical fantasy and dystopian fairy tale retellings.

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Fated mates or mortal enemies?

Throughout Norseland, the Reaper’s name is whispered–an infamous sea captain who visits the frozen capital each year to collect a ship of woefuls. No one knows where he takes them, only that the queen never stops him, and the gods bless his journey.

After a terrible tragedy, Brynn, a rebel with a death wish, wakes on the Reaper’s ship. Bloody and broken, she vows she’ll kill him before they reach his home across the sea.

But the gods of old have a way of tangling the strings of destiny, and when Brynn and the Reaper find themselves stranded, they discover their fates are more tethered than they could have possibly imagined, and nothing was ever as it seemed.

Sea of Storms is a Norse inspired Robin Hood retelling and fantastical romance and adventure.