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Savage North Chronicles - Post-Apocalyptic | Adventure

The Darkest Winter.jpg
Untamed ebook cover.jpg
The Longest Night novella ebook.jpg
Unbroken ebook cover.jpg
Midnight Sun.jpg
Day Zero ebook cover.jpg
Fading Shadows ebook cover.jpg
SNC Complete Box Set Series eBook Cover.
Savage North Bundle Vol 1 ebook.jpg
ebook Bundle 2 Boxset Cover .jpg
SNC Novella Duet ebook Cover.jpg

Forgotten Lands - Alternative History | Post-Apocalyptic Romance | Dystopan Adventure

Borne of Sand and Scorn Cover shadows.jp
Dust and Shadow Redesign.jpg
Earth and Ember ebook cover.jpg

Saratoga Falls Love Stories - Contemporary | Small-town | New Adult Romance

The Ending Series (Co-Authored Series) - Post-Apocalyptic | Romance

After The Ending Rebrand ebook.jpg
Into The Fire ebook.jpg
Out Of The Ashes Rebrand eBook.jpg
Before The Dawn ebook.png
TEB ebook REBRAND.jpg
World Before ebook REBRAND.jpg


World After eBook cover.jpg

Charity Anthologies | Science Fiction | Dystopian & Space Opera

Beyond the Galaxy-EB.jpg