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Savage North Chronicles - Post-Apocalyptic | Adventure

The Darkest Winter.jpg
Untamed ebook cover.jpg
The Longest Night novella ebook.jpg
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Midnight Sun.jpg
Fading Shadows ebook cover.jpg

The Ending Series (Co-Authored Series) - Post-Apocalyptic | Romance

After The Ending Rebrand ebook.jpg
Into The Fire ebook.jpg
Out Of The Ashes Rebrand eBook.jpg
Before The Dawn ebook.png
TEB ebook REBRAND.jpg
World Before ebook REBRAND.jpg

Forgotten Lands - Alternative History | Post-Apocalyptic | Victorian Adventure

Saratoga Falls Love Stories - Contemporary | Small-town | New Adult Romance

Charity Anthologies | Science Fiction | Dystopian & Space Opera

Beyond the Galaxy-EB.jpg


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