Dust and shadow

Book one

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Fictional, small western town (Sagebrush) in the Arizona desert ("new territory"), Victorian, wild west.


Death, deceit, decay, life, love, friendship, trust,

new beginnings, transformation 

Story Notes:

-Forgotten Lands - the Shift - climate change in Victorian America 

-Book of Eli meets Jane Got A Gun

-Old west meets Victorian adventure - land of the lost, post-apoc

-Gray characters, nothing is as it seems


My life/experiences:

-Growing up with horses/western life

-My love for history - a mesh of the old west and Victorian indulgence and intrigue

-Looking deeper into my characters - real motivations, twists and turns; nothing is ever what it seems

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Mila Kunis (photo courtesy: Pinterest)

Character: Josephine "Jo" Mason

Occupation: Farmer, healer, mechanically inclined tinkerer

Age: 19

-Lost her mother; killed by the marshal, age 8

-Lives with her sister, Scarlet, and her father

-Is a recluse

-Hates the marshal and stays hidden

-Hardworking, headstrong, compassionate

-Discovers many secrets she must expose to save the town

Liam Hemsworth (photo courtesy: Pinterest)

Character: Clayton Cunningham

Occupation: Drunken rake

Age: 21

-Royalty in Sagebrush, son of the marshal

-Doesn't want to follow in his father's footsteps

-Spends most of his time in the brothel

-Is forced to marry a woman who hates him

-Oblivious to who his father really is and what transpires in the shadows of the town

Watercolor Butterfly 10

“ T his world isn’t what it used to be, Jo. The price we pay to survive is high, and this is our price. Some might argue it could be worse.”

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character inspiration

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Madame Brothels attire equipped for cari
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book Dedication

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For my dad.

Thank you for making me your little cowgirl.

I haven’t written a series yet without a girl and her love for horses.



more inspiration

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Flock in Flight