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Why buy directly from me?

Simply put, when you buy from me or any other author who offers direct purchase, it means:

  • you’re putting money directly into our pockets

  • fewer fees are deducted

What about Amazon and places like that – don’t they pay you?

Yes, Amazon, Apple, Audible, and other retailers pay me for each book/audiobook sale, but I lose a minimum of 30% per sale, and I don’t get paid until 60 days after the sale is made.

Buying direct means…

If you buy directly from me in my bookshop, I can:

  • Control pricing and offer sales and discounts

  • Lower my rates

  • Offer other merchandise not available through other platforms, like swag

  • Receive the money directly and instantly, without waiting 60 days for payment

How can I read or listen to the book(s) purchased from your store on my eReader or listening device?

When you buy an ebook or audiobook through my store, you will receive an email from BookFunnel with download links and instructions. Using their app is seamless for both listening and reading, and you can listen/read directly on your device after the file(s) are sent.

**If you purchase an ebook on my site, you can also directly download them after purchase from my site and start reading without the BookFunnel app (if you know how to do that sort of thing).

Is it safe?

Yes, I use secure payment through Paypal.

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