Grunge Stain 3

Earth and Ember is a standalone post-apocalyptic, enemies-to-lovers romance and Victorian adventure set in the devastated and forgotten world of the American wild west.

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Courage. Love. Survival.

The desert town of Sagebrush Canyon is a cesspit of corruption, shrouded in centuries of lies and deceit. But with the marshal now dead, the citizens of Sagebrush must pick up the pieces and seek the truth, which they soon realize is far more terrifying. The water is drying up, drifters are coming, and time is running out.

After his father’s murder, Luke swore to protect Sagebrush against the savages roaming the Dead Lands. And back on a mountain, pummeled by sleet and snow, Kaia has been safely tucked away from the merciless soshos ravaging the desert valley below. But when the last of her family goes missing, Kaia can no longer sit by. Her people are hungry, frightened, and she is fed up—the ruthless white devils be damned.

Sandstorms and the spirits of old have a way of changing things, though, and Luke and Kaia’s entire world will collide in a whirlwind of distrust, grief, passion, and fear. Their pasts and hatred for one another fuel them, but their hope of survival is what binds them together.